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Advocating for our Clients

Unlike most Workers’ Compensation firms, Spatafore & Grant has established a unique blend of experience and professional services, coupled with a personalized approach to client advocacy. In addition to complete legal services the Spatafore & Grant team provider will assist the client in reestablishing careers, work training and retirement support.

Our core values are centered on providing caring, respectful, honest, reflective, and responsible service resulting in quality representation of your case. These values are applied to all aspects of our firm.

From first contact we strive to:

  • Keep our clients’ best interest as our primary concern
  • Be active listeners
  • Understand the unique nature of your individual case
  • Thoroughly evaluate all options for the best outcomes
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of your case in a forthright and no nonsense style
  • Interpret the facts of a case from both a legal and personal perspective
  • Stress on-going evaluation of issues throughout the entire process
  • View our clients as partners in achieving success
  • Encourage the client to be totally engaged in the recovery, rehabilitation and/or retirement process
  • Use every resource possible to find the best solutions
  • Strive for a balance between professional and personal engagement to assure an honest concern for our clients problems
  • Treat each client in a dignified, respectful manner

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